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After this I will have my first period, 10 Newton.

Our discussion will be on the topic Love's inconsistency by Francesco Petrarch. This topic comes to home. Like Francesco, I am in love with a girl, who is also my delight and my strife. This morning I said goodbye to her. A goodbye which I my hearts says I should have not said. My mind says that I cannot live with her because she belongs to a world different from mine. But eveytime I follow my mind, I am hurt. And eveytime I follow my heart, I fall.

I don't see love is inconsistent. I see all the feelings and the emotions I experienced as part of this great state--Love. For love is infinite, and we humans, cannot understand, all the colors of love. Some of us can see only harmony because we ignore to see the other colors of it. But love is a mixture of all of these.

I love because it is the greatest experience. I rise with love. I fall with love. Life is love. Love is like. There is no real diference. and when we stop to love, we also stop to live.

I got to go now. It is already 7:30. Time to discuss love.


As expected the students said that they did not understand the poem. It seems that It is always like that with my students, both 3rd year and fourth year. What appeared to me as an easy to understand poem seems so difficult for them to understand. This does not mean that I am more intelligent than they are.

When I was in highschool, I could also understnd the poems we studied so easily, as if the author talked to me face to face. My classmates all the while were groping in the dark. They saw the words of the poems like magic words one has to master through careful study. Though I have this gift of seeing the poem, I believe, in the eyes of the poet, my classmates still had higher grades than I.

My first class after this would be Bronze. We are going to have speech lessons, particularly on selling ideas to people---on selling oneself. I feel the great need of the students to know this...

In our seminar last Monday, the speaker said that it is not good to see that the fourth year examination and lessons is vey mcuh different to the other three levels. She made it appear that there is something wrong with the fourth year lessons. I hav a dissenting opinion, though this time, I chose not to speak.

There is really a great difference when it comes to lesson planning. We were togehter when we made our course outline. The other teachers, I observe, chose their topics because those were the topics in the book. Mine is different. When I did my course outline, I always have my students in mine. I spent time thinking of their needs at this stage of their education. My lessons seems advance not because they are really advance. It is because the lessons in the first three levels, I assessed, do not meet the abilities of the students. The students are very mcuh capable of learning higher level learning skills. But these were not offered to them.

I don't believe that there is something wrong with my difference. I hope, however, that the other teachers will raise the level of their teaching.


The submission of our Unit test will be this coming Tuesday. I just smiled when my coordinator inform me about it. The administration did not change the schedule. We have just started with our discussion because of so many class interruptions. It is very unlikely that they are going to move the dates. Sometimes, I wonder if the purpose o0f the Unit Test is truly given to measure the achievement of the students or was simply put in place being an academic requirement set by the Dep-Ed. What skill are we going to test if there is not much we were able to teach. Well, this is something I have to endure.

I am printing now the rules for sonnet writing.


I was tired when I went home. Teaching consumes every energy left in my system.

Tomorrow we shall have some more on speech making.

Late in the afternoon, I started typing the messages I would like to send to my students. I am done that for Janelle and charisse.

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